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Best Ways to Explore Destin From Above

Have you ever wanted to explore a place not by driving but by the sky? Yes, we know what you are thinking. The easiest way to explore a place in the sky is flying. But have you ever thought about different ways you can get high up to feel like you are in the sky? In this blog, we are going to talk about different ways that you can explore Destin from above.


One way you can explore from above is parasailing in Destin, Florida. When you go parasailing with us, you can see just how big the area really is. It is a cool way to be able to see a place that you probably thought you had before, especially from the ground. You and your family and friends can also go parasailing in Miramar Beach, Florida. The reason you should give this a try is because you are missing out on the view if you don’t. Parasailing is basically almost like when you are on an airplane, and you have a window seat. When you have a window seat, you are able to see the view in a whole different way. This is how it feels. The only difference is you are able to see everything a little differently. You can go up with a friend in the same chute! Once you and your buddy are hooked up to the line, slowly begin your flight above the water. When it is clear skies in Destin, you are able to see just how clear the water is and maybe you could even see some dolphins swimming from above. Destin parasailing prices can vary but trust us when we say the price is worth it just from the views. Next time you want to see a different side to Destin, make sure to go parasailing and then you get to see the area in a whole new perspective. 

Timberview Destin Helicopters

Have you ever wanted to fly in a helicopter? Well, we are here to tell you you are in the right place. Timberview Helicopters is a helicopter touring company that always allows you to see Destin, Florida, uniquely. Timberview Destin Helicopters has many different tours from which you can choose to see all of Destin. This all started by thinking outside of the box and being able to do something different. These helicopters let you get high in the sky with incredible views, seeing the gulf and the beautiful view of Destin, Florida. There are a few things you should know before buying a ticket to go on any of the tours listed: the first thing is if you are traveling with children, then they need to be at least two years old or weigh more than twenty-six pounds. This is for safety, so it is best to ensure before booking. Another requirement is the weight limit for each passenger is 290lbs. With this being said, for a total of four passengers, the total weight limit is no more than eight hundred pounds. This is, again, for safety. Each flight fits up to four passengers, but if there is a special occasion, especially for just two people, make sure to select a private flight to reserve the entire cabin just for the two of you. Timberview Destin Helicopters has seven different types of tours that you and the people with you can choose from with, of course, a fee. The seven different helicopter tours in Destin you can take are Coastal Tour, Beach Run Tour, Jaws Run, Dolphin Run, Seaside Tour, Emerald Tour, and Fireworks Tour. Each flight gives a different experience for everyone who tags along for the flight. Check out Timberview Destin Helicopter Tours for your next adventure above. 

HarborWalk Adventures

Destin’s HarborWalk Village has many options to offer to many people, one of which is the HarborWalk Adventures. HarborWalk Adventures is the home of many attractions, with all of them being affordable. Some of the attractions are the rock wall, the trampoline park, and the aqua spheres. The two we are going to focus on are the zip line and free-fall attractions. The zipline is one of the longest and tallest ziplines in Destin, Florida! While you are up in the air, you will be able to see all the views around the area. In the air, you can see the beaches, and the view is something you can not miss while you are zipping through the line. If you have the time then you should definitely try to zipline right around sunset for a unique view. The other activity you should try out at HarborWalk Adventures is the Free Fall Adventure. The free fall adventure is a great thrill attraction for all ages, this attraction works basically as if you were going to bungee jump. The difference is you are strapped fully so when you take the leap, you are free falling one hundred feet. When you do this, you are able to see the Destin area in a different view. Almost like how the zipline is, you are truly able to see the beaches and the areas around like you have not seen them before. When thinking about seeing Destin in a new light, definitely go try out either the zipline or free fall experience at HarborWalk Adventures. 

Baytowne Adventure Zone

The next stop for going above is The Village of Baytowne Wharf, located in Miramar Beach. In the village, they have the Baytowne Adventure Zone. Baytowne Adventure Zone is an area in the Village of Baytowne Wharf where you can go and enjoy multitudes of activities for your entertainment. This is a fun location to go with family and friends as they have many activities. With the theme of viewing Destin from above, some of the activities that Baytowne Adventure Zones offer help you see Miramar Beach from above. One of the activities you will explore above is the Baytowne Zipline. This will allow you to see a different side of Miramar Beach, which, on the zipline, you will be able to see the bay and the area around the Village of Baytowne Wharf. You will be 45 feet high while you begin to soar 300 feet across the lagoon. Something to make sure of before you are at Baytowne Adventure Zone, is that whoever decides to ride on the zipline is at least 42 inches tall and less than 300 pounds, for safety reasons. Check out the Baytowne Zipline next time you visit Baytowne Adventure Zone, and maybe you will see something you never noticed from the sky