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Forever Shores: Valentine’s Day in Destin, Florida

Cupid’s bow has struck the emerald-watered town once again; it’s that special time of the year when you get to celebrate your love a little extra for that one special day: Valentine’s Day. Originally called Saint Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine, this day was created as a Christian day of feasting in honor of a martyr named Valentine. There are many tales as to how this became a day of romance, but the general consistent theme remains—a day for romance. This Valentine’s Day, we want your celebration to be special, and let’s just say we’ve got a bit of romance up our sleeve for you and your significant other.

Things to do for Valentine’s Day in Destin, FL

Henderson Park Inn Breakfast

It’s important to start this magical day off right with delicious food and cottage-core ambiance. The Henderson Park Inn sits scenically on the water, offering a VIP experience directly on the sand for special moments like these. Don’t spend your morning worrying about what shoes to wear when your little toesies just need the soft white sand. At the Henderson Park Inn, the first Sundays of the month are for bubbles and brunch. This restaurant is award-winning and the peak of casual fine dining. All of that sounds amazing, but you may wonder, what’s on the menu? When it comes to food, you can find Belgian waffles, pancakes, southern biscuits, and gravy, and the mouth-watering list goes on. Come and see what makes this place one of the most romantic places in Destin.

Hand and Stone Massage Facial

On a day made for amour, you want to be as relaxed as possible, and you and your main squeeze need to treat yourselves. Hand and Stone Massage and Facial is the exact place to wind down. The special services offered here are plentiful — massages include hot stone, Swedish, deep tissue, trigger point, and many more. Your moment of relaxation doesn’t stop there; get into the facials where you can get anything from your standard facial, anti-aging collagen facial, detox, and even a facial specifically for rosacea. This spa even carries cryoskin to get you looking your best for Valentine’s dinner. Enjoy this tranquil experience with your valentine.

Painting with a Twist

Romance is truly an art, which is why we’re bringing you some, not to look at but to create! This incredible business model was founded by Cathy Deano and Renee Maloney in 2007 and, to many people’s surprise, was originally called Corks N Canvas. In case you were curious about the twist when it comes to painting at one of these venues, it’s alcohol. You choose from 6,000 paintings to learn, and who will teach you? You get your very own art instructor, and supplies, and all you have to do is bring your favorite bottle of wine. This place gives a whole new meaning to “paint me like one of your French girls.” Develop your creativity, build some problem-solving skills together by working through strokes, and even work through your memory and concentration together. Build your romance through artistic expression, and despite the name, no twist about that.

Timberview Helicopters

This next stop will have you singing “Come Fly with me.” What’s more romantic than Frank Sinatra? Or flying for that matter? Feel at ease in the hands of a team of highly trained and experienced pilots. If you’ve ever dreamed of looking out your window to witness the entirety of Destin, FL, dream no more. While in the sky, you can share the romantic views of the emerald waters and the coast, witness cliffs and coves, and if you’re lucky, you might even catch a dolphin. Nothing beats the high of being in the sky; it’s an experience of a lifetime you shouldn’t miss out on.

Tommy Bahama Restaurant, Bar & Store Lunch

For lunch, we’re bringing you to the greatest escape imaginable, Tommy Bahama Restaurant, Bar & Store lunch. When you hear Tommy Bahama, you probably think of the clothing store, which was a dream of eternal vacation thought up by Tony Margolis, Bob Emfield, and their wives—a concept turned brand. Although we love their style, what about their restaurants? Let’s talk ambiance; it’s everything you want on a Florida vacation—Florida wallpaper, seashell chandelier, and gorgeous wood accents. What about the food? It’s delicious with fun names like Lami Lami Salmon with tomatoes and onions or crispy yuca oven frisee. Even the drinks on the menu bring a sense of vacation forever with cocktails like the Coconut Eggnog Martini or the Matcha Libre.

Parasailing in Destin

Elevate this Valentine’s Day. Literally. With another trip to the sky, but one where you can feel the salty air against your skin. Parasailing is the closest you’ll get to flying with all the thrill and none of the hazards. Enjoy the panoramic views and the potential of being at arm’s length with some of our beach birds. This adventure is not just exciting but also a relaxing experience for couples looking for unique experiences that are easy on not just the joints but also in effort.

Mimmo’s Dinner

To end the evening, we’re sending you off to our most romantic spot near the emerald waters. Get those snazzy outfits on and let those taste buds wander. What is Mimmo’s Dinner serving up? Italian and the love for food with a man named Mimmo. Mimmo fell in love with Destin on a trip for vacation and turned it into his “Destin-y”. What should you expect in the restaurant? The aesthetic of an old-world dining hall and an American modern farmhouse, perfect lighting, and even better food. What’s on the menu? You can find items like gnocchi Genova and saltimbocca. Mimmo’s is the kind of restaurant you’ll never stop talking about; don’t believe us, check it out for yourself.

There you have it—a perfect way to spend your most memorable day; enjoy your romance by the sea.