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How To Go on The Ultimate Parasailing Adventure in Destin

You’re looking forward to your beach vacation in Destin, Florida. Of course, you’ll get your fair share of sunshine, sand between your toes, and cold beers.

But do you feel like you need just a little adventure to keep things interesting? You’re not alone.

That’s where parasailing comes in. This exciting water sport has been gaining popularity, and you don’t have to be a trained professional to soar with the clouds. Even if you’ve never had any parasailing training, you can sign up for a session and feel the wind in your hair in no time.

We’ll walk you through how to find the right parasailing company in Destin, and what to expect when you go parasailing over the crystal clear waters of the Florida coast.

What is parasailing?

Parasailing is a water sport that’s often popular in coastal towns. Parasailers are suspended from what is essentially a large kite, while being pulled forward by a boat. You’re leveraging the ocean breeze to keep you aloft. You can “fly” solo, or as a group of up to three people suspended together.

You’ll be seated, wearing a life vest for safety, with your arms free. A parasailing professional will help you put on the harness to make sure you’re safely secured and comfortable. You’ll put on and take off the harness while you’re on the boat, so you won’t actually have to be in the water for takeoff. Then, you’ll gently glide up, and you’re in the air!

At the end of the session, the boat captain will help you come to a controlled landing back on the boat.

Is there parasailing in Destin?

Yes, parasailing is usually popular in southern beach towns with high tourist traffic, and Destin is no exception. Parasailing is a fun activity among both locals and tourists in Destin. Whether you’re traveling with a significant other, solo, or with the whole family, if you’re feeling adventurous then you’ll definitely want to make parasailing part of the itinerary.

Destin, Florida is an ideal location for parasailing. The temperate climate most months out of the year means that you can get a chance to parasail no matter when you schedule your vacation. The beach setting and gorgeous views make for an epic adventure, and you’ll appreciate the breeze and salt spray to cool you off. If weather seems too hazardous to fly, your parasailing company will take every precaution and may ask you to reschedule your excursion on a different day.

Through the spring, summer, and fall, parasailing in Destin is the best way to see those ocean views and spend an afternoon in the sun.

How to parasail

Those who are new to the sport may try to research how to parasail in Destin, FL – but the best and safest route is to book your first parasailing excursion with a company that you trust. As long as you choose the right parasailing company in Destin, you’ll have plenty of help along the way to make sure you’re strapped in correctly, and ready for takeoff. An experienced parasailer will walk you through the safety requirements, and the basics of what to expect well before you get in the air.

So there’s not much preparation you need to do for your first time parasailing. But you will want to be a little strategic about what you wear. Keep in mind that you’ll be in a harness, so go for comfortable swim gear. Avoid bulky jewelry or accessories that could get caught in the harness.

And even though you’ll be under a kite most of the time, you’ll still catch some rays – so prepare accordingly with sunscreen and sunglasses. You’ll likely fly barefoot, so you don’t have to worry about losing a flip flop to the sea!

Is parasailing safe?

As long as you’re going on a parasailing excursion with a reputable company and not trying it on your own for the first time, it can be very safe.

Parasailing has been a popular activity for tourists and the public for decades, around the globe. There are standard safety features of parasailing equipment, and you’ll be in the capable hands of people who have done parasailing, and guided newbies, for years. So while it might feel a little scary at first, you can rest assured that your parasailing company is taking every reasonable precaution to keep you and the rest of your group safe during the entirety of your excursion.

Of course, any physical activity, especially those on or near the water, come with some small amount of risk. If you have any concerns at all, call us to learn more about how it works, and the safety measures that are in place. You can also browse reviews and photos of others who have tried parasailing for the first time and loved it, to put your mind at ease.

How to book a parasailing trip in Destin

The most important part of your parasailing excursion is making sure you’re signing up with the best, and safest, parasailing company in town.

You can also call ahead to ask any questions you have. If you have any doubts, a trustworthy company will be happy to share more info about their safety practices, years in the business, and the qualifications of their crews and instructors.

Finally, make your reservation in advance to secure your spot. If you’re planning to bring a friend or go as a group, mention that when booking your reservation.

Schedule your parasailing excursion

By now, you’re probably convinced that parasailing will be the most exciting part of your trip to Destin. And you are probably right.

Parasailing is just one of those activities that you’ll never forget doing. You’ll come home with epic videos, stunning photos, and fond memories of soaring over the shoreline. That’s why many who try parasailing end up coming back again and again.

So book now, and make sure parasailing is a part of your next Destin vacation.