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Jet Ski Facts – Your Jet Ski Questions Answered

If you’re into new thrills and love being seaside, then jet skiing in Destin is definitely a must-do. There’s no adventure quite like exploring the emerald coast at riveting speeds. You don’t need to have a lot of experience to enjoy this exciting water activity. Here are all your jet ski questions answered.

What is legally required to ride a jet ski?

Florida requires a boating/personal watercraft (PWC) certificate. You can get a temporary boating certificate online for $9.99, by completing the Florida State Approved Boat Rental Course. You do not have to be a resident of Florida, and the certificate is good for 90 days. To rent a jet ski you must be 18 years or older.

What are safety precautions when riding a jet ski?

Although only minors are required to wear life vests on boats, Adult jet ski riders are required to wear them at all times. Riders may also want to wear a helmet in case they are launched from the jet ski. That being said, it is also important for riders to know how to swim.

Jet ski riders must wear a stop-kill lanyard or wristband, which is still connected to the rider when the key is inserted in the ignition. This is so that when a rider falls off, the jet ski isn’t still powered on and running the waters. This would be a hazard to other swimmers in the ocean.

It’s also important to know that if you fall off a jet ski, you should remount it from the back. Trying to mount the jet ski from the side could cause it to roll. If there are two riders, Make sure that one person mounts at a time, with the driver preferably mounting first.

How do you navigate the water?

First, you’ll need to navigate the wake zone, which is the area around the marina or dock that must remain calm so as not to disturb docked boats and other objects. Fast watercraft will propel the water around it and create waves, otherwise known as wakes. While in the wake zone, all watercraft, including jet skis, must stay below 5 mph.

If you spot an orange tow buoy, it means you must give the right away to all boats pulling passengers. Whether you’re in the orange zone or not, it’s good to be mindful of other boats on the water, especially if they are pulling people on tubes and skis. If you approach waves or another boat’s wake, pass it at a 90-degree angle to keep your jet ski from tipping. Also, make sure you throttle through turns so that you are not launched off the jet ski.

How do you operate a jet ski?

The control panel of a jet ski has three parts. First, there’s the speedometer, which shows the speed you are driving. Then there’s the engine cut-off switch, which is a small clip that is inserted into the boat’s console (this clip will stop the engine if the driver falls out). Then there’s the safety lanyard which is a little rope connected to the engine cut-off switch. To acquire stability by riding, you need to learn how to lean in different directions for different situations. You’ll lean forward to accelerate, lean back to stop, and lean to either side for turns.

Is a jet ski easy to operate?

You will want to receive basic instructions on how to operate a jet ski, but they are basically easy to control and ride. Treat it like a car or motorbike, and gently push the throttle. Once comfortable and in the right area, you can begin to pick up speed.

How fast do jet skis go?

Jet skis can go pretty fast, usually 40 mph to 70 mph, depending on how calm the water is, the amount of wind resistance, and the weight of the passengers.

Besides a safety vest and helmet, what else should I wear?

Jet ski riders like to wear a swimsuit and sunglasses. Most riders also like to go barefoot as it gives them the appropriate traction, but if you want to wear shoes, make sure they are suitable for watersports. Your regular sneakers would certainly get too wet. Keep your phone and gear in a dry bag, which can be purchased on Amazon.

Is riding a jet ski scary?

It’s definitely one of the more thrilling watercraft activities, but as long as you are not reckless, it is relatively safe. Getting thrown off a jet ski is common, but the biggest danger is making impact with other objects, so make sure you’re safely away from other boats and swimmers. Most people get thrown off by jumping waves and sharp turns, so make sure you get comfortable driving before you hit high speeds.

Where can I rent a jet ski?

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