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Parasailing In Miramar Beach, Florida

When it comes to Miramar Beach, it all began in 1955 with a population of fewer than 200 people and only 2.9 square miles of land. A man named Robert Gordon gave this city its name. What is the meaning behind it? Miramar Beach translates to “look at the sea” in Spanish and why wouldn’t you? With a motto of beauty and progress, progress they turned into the beauty it is today. Miramar is the perfect spot for sunshine and sand and a previous home to Johnny Depp, if that gives the right amount of insight into just how amazing the area is. If there’s one activity worth doing it’s parasailing in Miramar Beach, Florida, and when it comes to parasailing, we have all the answers.

Parasailing in Miramar Beach Guide

Parasailing in Miramar Beach History

Life before 1961 was bland – no color TV, no Ford Mustangs, and no parasailing in Miramar Beach. In that faithful year, an invention so powerful it was used by the military… well, kind of, emerged… The original parasail model was a parachute used by paratroopers if you can believe a name like that. In 1962, the French engineer Pierre-Marcel Lemoigne created what they called an Ascending-Gliding Parachute, where they made a few slight changes to what was then called a “ParaCommande,” which is like a fancy parachute. Later on, Pierre twirled his mustache and decided to make this a thing by creating the Aeronautical Training Service, which essentially opened the doors to the sport of parasailing. Throughout the years thereafter, humans have done a lot of weird things about parasails – a lot being astronaut-related, some more risky, involving attaching one to the back of one’s car. By 1999, parasailing in Miramar Beach was well into recreational use, and they’ve become a popular adventure for anyone looking for a good time.

Parasailing in Miramar Beach: What To Wear

Let’s start off with everything you need to know about parasailing in Miramar Beach. When it comes to what to wear on these bad boys, we’ve got a few suggestions, but first and most importantly, wear what makes you comfortable. Nobody wants to be on the ride of their life in misery because they decided to wear their most prestigious tux. If you’re having questions about what may be comfortable, we suggest loose-fitting clothing; that’s typically a winner in both comfort and breathability. Consider wearing attire suited for warmer weather; it is the Sunshine State, after all. Lastly, maybe consider something that could get wet; although you won’t get wet parasailing, the urge to take a swim after is insatiable, and wearing water-resistant clothing makes for a convenient after-parasail dip.

What to Bring When Parasailing in Miramar Beach

When it comes to bringing things, the pack for this trip is light. We know it gets sunny, so grab those hater blockers, aka shades. We strongly encourage you to get straps for those shades because you will be up in the air. Also, grab that phone while you’re at it; we know you might want some pictures up there, we understand, but consider a waterproof case and, of course, as mentioned, a trusty strap.

What Animals You’ll See When Parasailing in Miramar Beach

You’ll be happy to know you have a pretty high chance of catching a glimpse of our bottle-nose dolphins with your aerial view from parasailing in Miramar Beach, Florida. If you’re extra lucky, you might see a shark and maybe even some tuna or sheepshead. While high in the sky, you’ll probably be closer to one of our bird friends; the skies carry species like the brown pelican or laughing gull. The seaside life is abundant in wildlife and beauty.

Little Risk in Parasailing

Not only is there an incredibly low chance of accidents occurring during a parasail ride, considering all the technology and engineering that has gone into it over the years, but also, at Parasailing Destin, we go the extra mile to ensure your safety. For starters, our CWS boats go beyond Coast Guard safety regulations. What’s more, we make sure to check our equipment and the weather, use safety gear, and inform all our riders on how to make their trip as safe as possible. Having a good time means being safe, period.

Can You Bring a Friend While Parasailing In Miramar Beach?

Heck yes! When it comes to experiences, it’s always better shared. That’s not to say there isn’t the occasional moment of much-needed alone time, but if it’s friends you’re interested in, then bring them along. Our boat options fit either 12 or 15 passengers. When it comes to people per parasail, we can seat two or three people, so pick your lucky favorites. Besides, if you don’t go with someone, who’s going to take the perfect parasail photo?

Where to Eat Lunch After Parasailing in Miramar Beach?

Auston’s Oyster and Grill

This place is the perfect wind-down, veg-out, and chow-down restaurant. Auston’s Oyster and Grill is, for starters, home to the famous 102-foot bar, which, as you can imagine, is “huge” and holds 32 beers on draft. What’s more is if you’re interested in watching a game after your parasail in Miramar Beach, you don’t have to worry about there not being enough TVs for your game; they have 37. As far as the food is concerned, it’s delicious. You can grub out on their fresh raw oysters or their ever-so-popular New England clam chowder; they even have a jumbo shrimp cocktail. This is the perfect ending to the day in the sunshine.

Come Parasailing In Miramar Beach

Miramar Beach is waiting for you to enjoy the stunning views and thrilling adventures. Prepare to Parasail and pack your sense of adventure and appetite for fun as you set off on a journey filled with sunshine, sea, and memories.