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Parasailing’s Do’s, Don’ts and Beyond

Are you tired of living your day-to-day life without the frills and thrills of living in the moment? If you’ve already taken that initial step of making your way to the emerald coast, you’re halfway there. So what now? It’s time to fly high in the sky – let’s go parasailing, baby! When it comes to the activity that’s been making people smile since 1961, there are some definite things that you should and shouldn’t do. We know you’re on the edge of your seat trying to figure out what those things are. Now, instead of doom-scrolling for answers, don’t do that – we’ve got you covered.

Do’s and Don’ts of Parasailing

Don’t: Go Parasailing in Bad Weather

Although the reasons may seem obvious, we’re going to give you the lowdown on exactly why you shouldn’t try to daredevil your way through a storm. Bad weather has the potential to lead to a broken line, which detaches the parasail, leaving them without power or control. Bad weather could also have an impact on outside objects. Broken lines can mean a loss of control over the boat, which, like the old domino effect, could lead to ramming into something or someone. Lastly, bad weather typically brings high winds, and high winds can blow a parasail off its initial track. Not to fret, though – at Parasailing Destin, we routinely check the weather to ensure your ride is at its safest.

Do: Wear Something Comfortable

Listen, if looking your best means feeling your best, we want that for you. The only thing we ask is that you wear what makes you most comfortable for the ride. What should you wear? Outdoor clothing, preferably bathing suit attire. When it comes to the kind of suit, we recommend something that fits well and is easy to move around in. Thinking of wearing some flip-flops? Consider leaving those on the boat. While in the air, your flip-flops might become fish food. If you’re into protecting those beautiful eyes from the sun, by all means! But we do recommend that while wearing sunglasses, you have a strap so you don’t lose them to the sea. With all this in mind, wear what makes you happy and focus on the ride.

Don’t: Ignore Safety Instructions

We all love the thrill here, but it’s never fun to get injured, which is why parasailing trips come with safety instructions. We know you’ve heard this one before, but keep that life jacket on at all times – we mean it. We don’t doubt your swimming techniques, but we also put safety first. It’s crucial for the best experience possible. If you’re worried you’ll forget the safety tips here, don’t be – we’ll explain them to you when you’re ready for takeoff. Ultimately, accidents are rare, but there’s nothing better than a little extra peace of mind on your journey.

Do: Make Reservations

Going parasailing is a good time, and everyone knows it; that’s why so many people come to enjoy the ride. With fun activities come quite a few customers, and to ensure you get a spot on our parasail, the best way to go is to plan. Booking in advance is a great way to seize the day, making an entire schedule with the comfort of knowing when you’re heading off into the sunset on a parasail ride. When it comes to booking, we make things easy. Head on over to our website and choose a slot with a click of a button – as easy as that.

Don’t: Parasail Under The Influence

We’ve all heard the phrase “liquid courage,” but when it comes to parasailing, we promise you don’t need it. Rest assured, we’ve got safety down to a science, and the only thing under the influence is going to get you is a headache. While being up, up, and away, we don’t need you losing your coordination or being unable to communicate your needs. Besides, parasailing is a time you’ll want to remember, and as long as you come as you are, you’re sure to have the experience of a lifetime.

Do: Have Good Air Communication

We know what you’re thinking – these days you might not even want to answer the door for your delivery driver; we get it. During a parasailing experience, we promise to make the communication factor as easy and painless as possible. What is air communication anyway? In simple terms, it’s a hand gesture that will tell us what you need from the sky. While we can’t bring you necessities like cookies and milk with a gesture, we can promise your safety and comfort. A thumbs up goes a long way – easy peasy, just like the ride.

Do: Be In the Moment

You’ve only got one life on this planet – get out there and live it! It might be tempting to bring your phone, but being out in the sky with the salty breeze brushing your face and the waves crashing below you is an experience you’ll want to be present for. Think of all those Instagram getaway photos you’ve seen – baby, you’ll be living in one! Aside from that, there is always the risk of dropping the phone in the water, so win-win if you decide to leave your phone on the boat. Not to mention, you wouldn’t want to miss one of our many dolphin families or even some of the gorgeous boats passing by.

There you have it – all you need to know about the dos and don’ts of parasailing in Destin. Now that you’re prepared, head out there and enjoy the sunshine.