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Sandsational: Uncovering The Prettiest Beaches in Destin, FL

Gorgeous Destin Beaches

Norriego Point

This gorgeous strip of sand and water was originally named Noriega Point, after Spanish nobleman Don Jose Noriega. How did it get to this name? Well, somewhere along the lines, mappers got rid of an and replaced it with an O and we don’t know why, but they decided to make one last change and that was the a, thus the name was complete being the name we know of today.

This beach is wonderful because you get a unique view of Destin Harbor and the East Pass.

If you’re interested in swimming, and let’s face it, who isn’t, the swimming holes are protected by jetties which make the water calmer.

Lastly, and to enforce the sentiment of safety, this beach has its own lifeguard station.

Get that beach gear and head to the waterfront at this beautiful Destin beach!

Bring Fido to This Spacious Destin Beach

Liza Jackson Park

The Liza Jackson Park is a spacious beach with a little history.

You may wonder who the beach was named after. The outstanding woman who this park is named after, Liza Jackson, was born in the 1880’s and she was known for her community work and generosity. She made such an impact on the community that the park was named in her honor.

This particular beach is perfect to share with your most beloved friend, we’re not talking about your home girl from uptown, although they can come.

We’re referring to our furry friends! Dogs! This beach is not only gorgeous but it’s an off-leash beach for your puppers.

Maybe your dog is not the best trained though, hey no judgment here but there’s good news! Liza Jackson Dog Park also has fenced-in areas, for those bad boys (and girls).

Go to this pretty Destin beach where you can get a tan while rubbing your best buddy’s belly.

A Destin Beach for Picnics

Garniers Beach Park

Here’s to another beach that allows dogs but this one also comes with a 6 ft rock wall, it may be for children, but it doesn’t make it any less fun.

At Garniers Beach Park, you can picnic in the grassy area or on the sand.

Take advantage of the boat ramps and captain your boat over there.

Just in case you were wondering, they do have bathrooms, so don’t worry about that.

Enjoy that sunset on your favorite beach towel with some sandwiches or paddle your way around the water. This beach has the chill day that you’re looking for.

Destin Beach That Has It All

John Beasley Park

Many beaches allow for a purely natural environment where you can choose your spot on the sand. This beach allows for that too of course, but it gets bougie with its chair and umbrella rentals.

A unique part of history is that John Beasley Park was originally one of the few parks that provided beach access to Black people during segregation.

John Beasley Park has many remarkable aspects and to no surprise is a popular beach for events, so expect something lively when you get there.

If you’re a  big dune person, let’s face it, who isn’t? It has TWO dunes to take you over to the gulf of Mexico.

In case you don’t fancy beach chairs and umbrellas, they have 2 giant pavilions for you to be shaded under and 12 picnic tables for feasting out when your tummy starts to rumble.

Lastly, let’s talk about parking, which at any beach destination can be problematic, this one has 208 spots, so there’s no need to worry.

Round up your squad and kin, and set sail towards the sandy shores!

A Beach with Nature Trails & Camping

Henderson Beach State Park

You’ve got your beaches, your dog park beaches, and your bougie beaches, but what about beaches with nature trails?

This brings us to Henderson Beach State Park. Their whole thing is the 30 ft sand dunes and warm water, which makes this Destin beach sound lush, and it is, much like its decadent sand, it’s the kind of place where you never want to leave, and in theory, you never have to. What do we mean? This park has 60 campsites to choose from just in case you want to do a little stay-and-play.

See what all the fuss is about and stay for the day.

A Destin Beach Within the Hustle & Bustle

Crystal Sands Beach

Crystal Sands Beach has long been described as a sugar-coated coast with soft and fine sand. This Destin beach is popular with both tourists and the community alike.

This beach strip also has plenty of restaurants to choose from so don’t worry about getting hungry.

Among these wonderful attributes is the fact that the beach is easily accessible.

What’s more, all of the amazing things this beach has to offer is the fact that it’s a just a walk away from the Destin Commons shopping center, the perfect after-beach activity.

If you’re seeking a slice of paradise, this beach will not disappoint.

A Destin Beach with Island Vibes

Dune Allen Beach

This beach is stunning, but in what way?

For starters, it has 5 coastal dune lakes. The Dune Allen beach also comes equipped with miles of trails.

If the trails and dunes aren’t enough to reel you in, maybe the 3.2-mile stretch of secluded beach will convince you.

Getting hungry? This beach has one of the best restaurants around, oddly enough, it’s called Stinky’s Fish Camp, where you would be a big ole stinker if you didn’t go. This restaurant is the kind of place where after you spend the day being a fish you get to eat a fish.

This is another beach that invites you to stay the night at its campsite.

Get your healthy dose of island vibes when you spend a few days camping out on the sand.

 A Destin Classic

Crab Island

This magical sandbar might not be a beach or even an island but what it is, is a magical place to hang out for a day. Take one of our pontoon boats to the “island” and enjoy your neighboring boaters and boat vendors. Swim around or hang out on the sand bar, at Crab Island all currents lead to fun!

Although all beaches have beauty, they are all truly unique, whether you enjoy basting in the sun, running on the sand with your pup, or eating by the water, these Destin beaches have something wonderous to offer.