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What Would Taylor Swift Do (Destin Parasailing’s Version)

What Would Taylor Swift Do (Destin Parasailing’s Version)

Florida!!! Specifically, Florida Swifties, this one’s for you. We are a Mastermind when it comes to this area. One thing about Destin, Florida, is there are many things to do. Now that we are Out of the Woods, let’s talk about how Destin can be what you would least expect it to be. Instead of us writing a Message in a Bottle, we are writing this blog to talk about what we can assume is Taylor’s version of a Destin vacation. Come Back…Be Here, as we already know, this list will make you feel Bejeweled.

An AI generated photo of an elegant blonde woman parasailing. The woman has a pink streak in her hair and is holding a pink purse in the style of a Birkin bag. She is also wearing heart shaped sunglasses with a pink frame. None of her outfit is appropriate for the activity she's participating in.


Destin Parasailing provides a luxurious parasailing experience at an affordable price. Our Destin parasailing prices are very reasonable for what you are getting.  Parasailing in Destin, Florida, is a great way to make you feel Fearless. This fun water sport will make you feel like Superman as you soar into the sky. A Destin, Florida, parasailing rental is the best way to jam out to some Taylor Swift. Whether you are the 1 to go with a friend or solo, make sure to take in the full view. Don’t take your Birkin up there like our friend did.

Marina Cafe

One thing that is for sure in Destin is the food scene. There are many places to go for a casual dinner. If you want to go somewhere that is nicer, then head over to the Marina Cafe. The Marina Cafe is one of Destin’s most awarded restaurants because of its amazing food and amazing experience. There are all kinds of food which is great for giving your group of Swifties some options. They also have many different kinds of cocktails that you and your friends can choose from. Let’s Speak Now about what the Marina Cafe has in store for you, whether that be for a private event or just there for a good time. The private event rooms are great if you want to host a party. The Marina Cafe also hosts many events throughout the year so make sure to check out the website’s calendar to see what they have in store.

The Edge Seafood Restaurant & Skybar

Another nice restaurant to go to is The Edge Seafood Restaurant & Skybar. This restaurant will make you feel like you transported yourself to a different side of Destin. One thing is for sure is to pull a Dress for this place. First off, the view is great as wine and dine on the gulf.. The Edge Seafood Restaurant & Skybar has been voted by many locals as the “Best Outdoor Dining” and also the “Best Place to Have Cocktails. The restaurant focuses on seafood but there are also many options for your seafood-averse friends. A cool feature of this place that makes it feel more upscale is the sky bar. The sky bar lets you have a view of looking out into the waterfront. This view is great to come right before the sunset as you can take some fabulous selfies to capture the scenery around you. You will be able to have cocktails up at the sky bar as well as some delicious bites from the kitchen. The Edge Seafood Restaurant & Skybar is definitely Taylor’s version of a good time.

An AI generated image of a hot pink martini

Henderson Beach Resort

A Place in this World that will make you feel luxurious is staying at the Henderson Beach Resort. This place is no timeshare down in Destin, that is for sure. Experience your stay in the Daylight as you stay there to relax and be pampered. This luxury resort will make you feel Enchanted and Timeless. Besides living in luxury (Taylor’s Version), this resort has many highlights that will make you want to book a room right away. The amenities here are first the beach and the pool, and so much more. You can book either a gulf view or a courtyard view. If you are traveling with a group of Swifties, then book a suite or two. If you are not feeling the beach then check out the pool! They have complimentary bikes or kayaks to borrow for the day as well. Lastly, they have yoga classes and a 24 hour fitness center. If you feel like relaxing, then go check out the spa for all your luxury needs. When you get hungry, check out the resort’s restaurant Primrose which offers gulf-to-table seafood and fresh handcrafted sushi. Now this is what we call living in luxury, so if you want to as well, then check out staying at the Henderson Beach Resort.

Timberview Helicopters

Now it is time to fly in Style! Timberview Helicopters can take you up in the sky of Destin. There are seven different tours that you can choose from. Each one lets you know how many miles you will be flying. These helicopter tours are a great way to view the area differently from Parasailing. The reason this is different is because when you are in a helicopter, you can also fly over the land area. Each tour gives you a different area of Destin. Make sure to check out the website for all the details on what helicopter ride you should book for living out your Wildest Dreams. Sparks Fly, so get ready to explore the area high above the sky and remember to Long Live the memories.

an AI generated photo of a pink helicopter on a hot pink road

Parrot Head Yachts

Something that is a definite a luxury is being on a boat, but not just any kind. We are talking about Parrot Head Yachts. On these, you can wear a blue dress on a boat while enjoying your luxury excursion. This is a perfect attraction to do for many celebrations and to feel expensive. There are two yachts to choose from; one can fit up to twelve people, and the other can fit eight people. On these yachts, you definitely will feel more than Suburban Legends. You will feel like a Superstar. You can book two to eight hours for each trip. Make sure to have a dance party on the yacht and Shake It Off. You are definitely going to remember this trip All Too Well.

Look What You Made Me Do in Destin

Now that you have read this, it’s time to go experience Taylor’s Version of Destin.. We have talked about how going parasailing for an affordable price is possible. Treat yourself to amazing food either at the Marina Cafe or The Edge Seafood Restaurant & Skybar. Stay at the Henderson Beach Resort to feel even more luxurious. And for closure, either fly up in Timberview Helicopters or relax on Parrot Head Yachts for the vibes. Long story short, make sure to check out these places in Destin, Florida for all your luxury needs. The best day is just around the corner, so what are you waiting for?