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Miramar Beach: What To Do

The small town of Miramar Beach got its name from a district in Cuba, meaning “sea sight” or “sea view,” and with a name like that you can imagine the view is pristine, but like Johnny Depp’s acting pristine. Funny we should casually mention it because Johnny Depp could be found at Miramar High School back in the 70s. What else does this beach town have to offer? Plenty, check our list below to find out.

Here’s A List of The Must-See Places for Miramar Beach

Grand Boulevard

You’re about to have a grand time because at Grand Boulevard, you can expect a hub for the Miramar Beach lifestyle. Head on over and enjoy 765,000 square feet of retail and restaurant space. Just in case the fun is going on and begins to wear you out, they have three on-property hotels. Check out their directory for all the retail places to shop until you drop, and don’t forget to look at all the delicious restaurant options available as well. If none of those things listed screamed, Grand, envision a theater, although you don’t have to while there because Grand Boulevard has the Emerald Coast Theater Company along with a taste for movie nights with their motion picture theater Boulevard 10. Head to to Grand Boulevard and never leave because it’s your one-stop shop to have it all.


Have people ever told you that you’re an escape artist? Or are you just the kind of person who likes to escape on occasion? Well, how about making an evening out of it? In Escapology, the name of the game is to escape. In this adventure, you and your eight-player team get to choose which escape room you dare to enter. Throughout the 60 minutes within the “locked” room, you will be given hints and clues on what needs to be done to escape. Although it is encouraged to not leave the room during the game, people do have bathroom needs so not to worry all doors are only pretend locked during the experience. Bring your friends and see which one of you makes the best detective.

Destin Jeep Rentals

Every classic 80s beach theme will leave you wanting pastel-colored swim trunks, classic sunnies, and a Jeep. Jeeps are so well-loved that even Barbie had an entire line dedicated to them. Maybe Jeeps don’t suit your real-life needs, you’ve got kids, you want to save on mileage, or you’re a terrible parallel parker. Well, this isn’t in real life, this is vacation and if you’re going to live out your ideal time off to its max you need a Jeep. Enjoy the view on the Scenic 30A with a choice of your very own Jeep rental from not just any old company but a family-owned business. Enjoy the windows down and the breeze in your hair on the Miramar Road with a car fit for five.


We know what you’re thinking, you’re not on vacation to talk about your feelings, fear not loving vacation goers, E-motion is just a fun little play on words for electronic motion, what does this company do? It’s in the name of friends, well more or less anyway. At E-Motion you can spend the day riding around one of their Aventon Pace 500 Electric Bicycles, Segway Ninebot ES4 Electric Scooter, or get futuristic with their Onewheel GT or the Onewheel+ XR. Maybe you want to go fast but want to keep the feel of the bike, try out their ZOOZ UU750 Electric Motorbike. You may be thinking, what if I have kids? Where will they go? Not a problem at all, give the Aventon Abound Electric Bicycle a try and put those little buggers in the back. Perhaps you’re looking for the closest thing to a motorcycle without the dangerous speed, in that case, the SUPER73-S1 Electric Motorbike is going to be your best choice. If you’re interested in a skateboard on speed…literally, try either the 2SWIFT Electric Skateboard, the Backfire Ranger X3 Electric Skateboard, or the Onewheel Pint. So maybe your need for speed is lacking and you just want a nice stroll. They have a whole slew of your average non-electric bikes to choose from too. Enjoy the view of Miramar while getting the endorphins of a light cardio.

Parasailing & Pontoon Boating

On the sandy shores of Miramar Beach you can often see boats in the hazy distance of the mirage-like sun, and when that feeling of envy starts to trickle in you stop it in its tracks and book with us! Our pontoon boats will have you living a life F.O.M.O free and sun-kissed. Take a seat atop our 24’ pontoon boat where you can invite 12 of your closest friends. Enjoy the comfortable seating, the view, and the sweet sounds of the ocean. Come and enjoy the best view of the water Destin has to offer, right on it. We also have the best parasailing in Miramar Beach.

Miramar Beach may be one of the lesser-known beaches on the emerald coast but its hidden sea charms and beauty make it a true gem for those seeking a more secluded coastal retreat.