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Spring Break For Families: Destin, Florida

We know you’ve spent all year working your butt off to have some downtime. The flowers are blooming, the air is warm, and this is the moment you’ve been waiting for—it’s spring break! You finally get that extra time with the family in a stress-free environment. Here in Destin, the perfect time to visit is all the time, but when it comes to visiting in spring, there’s nothing like it. Don’t believe us? Check out the list below.

Spring Break For Families In Destin

The Track

Your kids might not be old enough to drive everywhere else, but here, you only need to be 3’6’’ to get behind the wheel. The Track is a great place for both adults and children to get out of their need for speed. When it comes to the “tracks” around here, they’ve got options. Starting with their “Elevated Track,” where drivers 16 and up go up and down three stories, or “The Slick Track” which allows drivers 16 and up to sway side to side as they speed off into the distance. There’s even a track perfect for your Destin spring family vacation called none other than “The Family Track,” and “The Super Track” is similar but with a very literal twist that will have the family winding around the curvy roads. For the littlest of your bunch, The Track has its “Rookie Track” and “Kiddie Karts”. Bring your family to hang out and enjoy the ride.

Gator Beach

Let’s face it, kids like danger, and although we don’t want them acting like stunt doubles in our dining room, a little bit of controlled thrill is always nice, especially on vacation. What is more dangerous than a giant reptile encounter?! Not many things, but don’t worry, at Gator Beach, there are plenty of professionals to keep you and the kids both entertained and safe. What can you expect at this wild encounter? For starters, expect gators between two and six feet long, depending on the family member; they might be bigger than you! While at Gator Beach, you have the opportunity to feed the feisty reptiles if you dare. If feeding them is a little too close for comfort, take a photo with one of the scaly guys so you can at least brag to your friends about how brave you were with the gator. If all the excitement has you feeling hungry, you’re in luck because Gator Beach is an attachment to Fudpuckers, where all the classic Florida eats are. This place will have you and your family happy as a turtle in a sunbeam.

Big Kahuna’s

Now that you’ve seen animals that live in the water, how would you like to enjoy the water? You are in Florida, after all. At Big Kahuna’s, nothing fits better than water and fun—it’s like jelly to peanut butter. Go live out your adventurous side on one of their many slides. If you’re feeling lazy, lounge out on a tube in the river or check out their wave pool. If getting wet is not in the cards, do not worry. Big Kahuna’s has an adventure park to dry off in, and it’s a ton of fun! Play out your Tiger Woods fantasy at the mini-golf area or ride their famous sky coaster and feel like you’re flying! No matter the adventure, Big Kahuna’s will give you and your family a day of excitement.

Beach Sand Sculpture

We all know when it comes to the beach, the kids are going to make sandcastles, but what about a sandcastle activity the whole family can enjoy?! Spend two sunny and informative hours learning how to create art within nature’s clay, aka sand. During your lesson, you will get tips on how much water to use, household items to include in your art, and even where the best sand is located. If you’re not an artist, don’t worry; a professional beach sculpture will help you and your family along the way. When you’re finished, you will have your piece of art to showcase via Instagram and the entire beach, for that matter. Come and enjoy the sun while experiencing this unique activity with the whole family.


For our finale, we bring to you the experience of a lifetime: parasailing in Destin, Florida. Your time will start with the wind in your hair on one of our boats, where we head out into the emerald waters. If you are on a budget, fear not because our Destin parasailing prices are worth every penny. Once we strap you in, you then get the experience of flying and a view. Overlook Destin, Florida, from the up-high with a Destin, Florida parasailing rental and get a 360 perspective to enjoy the sea creatures and boats passing by down below. Enjoy having your family by your side or enjoy a solo ride. All things go, including your worries, when enjoying a ride on our parasail. After Destin, check out parasailing in Miramar Beach, Florida, for a different viewing experience. 

Spring break in Destin, Florida, offers a perfect blend of unforgettable fun, relaxation, and bonding. Destin has something for the whole family. So, pack your sunscreen and a towel and get ready for an incredible spring break.